About Smock Online

And without further ado, ladies and gentlemen… We are smock online, your portal into the lush and verdant jungles of interior design! There is nothing more gratifying than having the home you’ve always dreamed of, especially when you planned it or did the work yourself! Such a permanent part of our lives should serve as a constant show of our own personality, always making small changes to freshen things up.

Here at Smock Online we’re just crazy about all things interior design, especially when it comes to running with a tight budget. You’ve got to be smart, ladies and gentlemen. And not only that, but ready to do at least a little bit of dirty work. With a little brains and braun you can manage to do a lot with a surprisingly smaller amount of money.

We are always open to suggestions here at Smock Online, so if you love us or just want to give us a tip, please feel welcome to contact us! The girl responsible for all things digital’s name is Carly. She’s very pleasant and can talk to you for hours about anything in the wide world of interior design.

So seriously, feel free to contact her here for any questions, concerns or tips you may have! We’re always open to new suggestions and bright ideas, and most of all we love this stuff! 

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