5 steps to add a little dash of design for all


Good morning, everybody! Welcome to Smock Online, where we take houses and turn them into homes, and for much less! Many of the concepts of interior design are actually very, very simple and can be used by almost anyone to create a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Not everybody has the money to call an interior designer. It can be a very expensive yet great experience, and not all projects necessarily call for it! So what do you do when you want a clean new look at home but don’t have the money to replace all of the furniture?

1. Cover your furniture with titillating textiles! Use anything, from a throw blanket to a wall tapestry to give old furniture new life. As long as it is a nice looking piece of fabric, you won’t go too wrong! It’s definitely a step in the right direction, since you technically don’t have to buy anything! Furniture with upholstery is generally a pricy investment, so by using what you’ve got and a little imagination you can so far!

2. Add a tablecloth to that tired old table. We’ve all seen them, those kitchen or coffee tables that just need some love. If you have a table that is well-sized for its environment but just doesn’t look right, lavish it with love and give it a new face! Nothing beats the look of a tailored cloth that drapes just perfectly, but literally anything can work! Try a linen sheet for a rustic look that’s easily replaceable.

3. Display your library differently. Conversation pieces can add that finished touch to any room or atmosphere, and the tables are a great place to start. Try stacking your most colorful and interesting looking books in the center of the table with a vessel on top of it. Something simple like a vase or basket can add that pop to the focal point of this stack of books and look very charming. Try arranging other smaller objects around this main focal point to add a little more depth.

4. Find the ideal format for your art. Try changing up the artwork and pictures you have displayed throughout your home. Try making a collage out of family photographs, all with unique frames. The makeshift nature will make a unique, purposeful-looking spectacle on your walls. Try displaying art in different ways too, such as sitting it on a shelf or leaning it on the floor to give a fresh new perspective to everything. The key here is being willing to have a little bit of fun with the myriad of choices. Don’t be afraid to change it often! You’ll find the perfect setup, don’t worry.

5. Find the focus with your furniture! Last but not least, try moving around your furniture to find a better setup. It’s amazing how big of a difference something so simple can make. A friend of mine just revamped her entire bedroom by simply changing which wall the bed was on and setting up her dresser and TV in a different way. The results are amazing, it looks like a new room entirely! Try also moving furniture into different rooms to spread the joy to other parts of the house. You might be surprised!