Remix The Bed Room, Part 1

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it’s about 6PM here and some of us are already thinking about it. The bedroom is by far the most important room of the house when it comes to starting and finishing a day off the right way. The girls and I started talking about this on our way back from a little trip we took to Florida. It was an amazing little Summer getaway for us girls to unwind, and we topped it off with a wine tasting party and a limousine service to cart us around on our escapades.

this is the first part of a multi-part article that we will be unrolling in the next week covering specifically the all-important bedroom. We spend most of our time in this area of of peace and relaxation in our homes, and should design it accordingly. Not only the style and beauty of the room, but the actual function and health of the bedroom must be taken into consideration. there are many simple little changes to your bedroom that can improve your sleep quality and more.

1. Limit the amount of light you come into contact with at night. More or less an hour before bedtime, you’ll generally want to deactivate most sources of light, especially TVs and smart phones or tablets. You could even go so far as to put your phone charger on the opposite wall. This also helps for the morning because you have to get up to hit the snooze button, in case your cell phone is also your alarm clock. For those who simply must use their tablets or smart phones in the hours before sleeping, apps like F.lux for iOS and Twilight for Android help cut back on the amounts of blue you are exposed to in the wee hours before you sleep. This has been shown to help you when it comes to producing melatonin for sleep.

2. Consider adding a few plants. Not only are plants beautiful and living additions to your beehive, they can also give you direct health benefits. Give a breath of fresh air to that stuffy bedroom by adding the therapeutic scent of flowers, or even fresh oxygen produced by Mother In Law’s Tongue plants strategically placed throughout your bedroom. There are many different oxygen-producing and healthy plants out there that can directly influence the levels of relaxation in your bedroom.

3. Clean up those cords. Hide the cords any way you can, either behind furniture or by using twist ties. Making the ideal bedroom is more than simply having an eye for attractive decor, it is also a question of building an organized living space for yourself. There is lots of plastic cord hiding hardware that uses adhesives to make for an easy install that can be bought for very cheap. Just check your local DIY store, I’m sure they’ll have more colors and styles than you know what to do with.