How To Pick The Right Window Treatments

So we’ve all seen it. Those stunning draperies that look like they came from a wedding chapel somewhere. You know you want something like that for your house, who doesn’t? In case you were wondering, my go to drapery and roman shades business helped me learn a lot.

So how can you make the right choice for your particular situation and decor? From pinch pleats to full on draperies that fill the room and even rest on the floor, there are many options!

How can a normal person make sense out of all these decisions? It seems like you could just get stuck right in the middle of a veritable mountain of draperies and shades. So where do we start?

1. Measure the width of your window. Generally you’re going to be looking at anywhere from 2 to 2 and a half times the width of the window for your drapery.

that means that for a five foot window, you’re going to need at least ten feet in ungathered drapery panels. A little more wouldn’t hurt to really fill in the space and keep the folds looking spectacular!

2. Now you need to determine the length. For a classic look, your drapes should go all the way to the floor, maybe even pooling up a little bit at the bottom. This may not be ideal for all situation including homes with small children or vacation rentals, however.

If you think you need to keep your drapery panels off the floor, go for about a quarter of an inch maximum between the floor and your drapery. The best bet would be to have it still touching the floor lightly.

3. Figure out what colors would suit you best. Generally speaking, a good choice is one that will match your walls and is a neutral color. That way, no matter what happens to the decor of your home, your expensive draperies won’t be left out in the cold so to speak.

If you have lots of matching elements in your home and want to mix it up a little bit, don’t be afraid to consider something with a little more interest. A flashy pattern like a paisley can really add an touch of flavor to an otherwise bland room. Just be careful when you go furniture shopping in the future, however.

So with these basic concepts in mind, you’re ready to start looking around for ideas and inspiration for your new and beautiful window treatments.

See you around next time!