Bed Pillow Power!

Hey there boys and girls, today I wanted to talk about a very important part of your bedroom, and the source of the name “bed room!” My friend over at Kit 10 Designs and I were just talking about during our weekly chat yesterday.

Today we’ll be talking about the bed, of course. Let’s look at some dos and don’ts and think about what to do with all those darn pillows that come with your bed set!

1. Do not lay your pillows down flat until you’re ready to lay your head down. This is a HUGE no-no and a serious fashion faux pas, ladies and gentlemen! Don’t fall into this one, it’s oh so easy peasy to pick up those pillows in the morning and set them in their respective positions.

In the day time, your bed is like a big couch. KEep that in mind and keep those pillows standing tall! Make your spouses do their part, too. Waking up and fixing the bed to make it beautiful again can be a fun and energizing part of your day.

2. Give groups of square pillows interest by turning a few of them sideways. Make the front two squares into diamonds! It even sounds magical, doesn’t it?

This is one way we can add a little touch of fancy to an otherwise boring set of bed pillows. Try also putting a smaller pillow in front of your now more interesting diamond-shaped pillow! The results will leave you breathless.

3. Build a tiered pillow palace. Start with your largest pillows in the very back near the headboard, and keep stepping down to the next smallest size until you run out of pillows!

The resulting pillow palace will make even the Egyptian pyramids blush. Don’t be afraid to mix up the different types of covers and fabrics, too! More interesting is “more better” when it comes to making your bed!

…And that’s really all there is to it! Sure, there are countless different ways you can arrange the pillows and tons of beautiful and inspiring beds out there, but the best way to find your own particular style is just to experiment with the pillows and fabrics you already have!

The best part about bed pillows is that it’s so cheap and easy to go find different, vibrant looking fabrics to mix and match.