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The Living Room- First Impressions

contemporary living room with dining space - rendering - the art work on wall is a my composition
Contemporary living room complete with dining area, simple yet elegant.

Just think about it. The Living Room is your biggest chance to create that “wow” factor in your home, especially for guests. It’s also almost always the first impression others will get of your home as well, due to its central location. It’s no small wonder then that so many people spend so much time redesigning their living rooms.

So are you ready to get to work? With a few fresh ideas and a readiness to work, you can create a breathtaking environment for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading The Living Room- First Impressions

How To Design and Deal with a Baby Budget

Big sum of money dollars

It seems all to often that the average homeowner is plagued by a tight budget which stops them from having the home they truly dream of. Are you concerned of falling into this same category?

Let’s consider your options.

Sometimes our ambitions get a little larger than our incomes, but don’t see this as a bad thing. Act on it!¬†Here is a short and sweet list of tips and things to remember while redesigning your home on a budget.

1. Save money by doing some of the work yourself. Simpler jobs that don’t require a license can be done by the homeowner instead of hiring a contractor. Things like wood flooring and painting can be done without the help of a professional, which translates to savings for you. One job that I would recommend leaving to the professionals, however is wallpaper removal. That’s a potentially nasty job! Continue reading How To Design and Deal with a Baby Budget