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5 steps to add a little dash of design for all


Good morning, everybody! Welcome to Smock Online, where we take houses and turn them into homes, and for much less! Many of the concepts of interior design are actually very, very simple and can be used by almost anyone to create a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Not everybody has the money to call an interior designer. It can be a very expensive yet great experience, and not all projects necessarily call for it! So what do you do when you want a clean new look at home but don’t have the money to replace all of the furniture?

1. Cover your furniture with titillating textiles! Use anything, from a throw blanket to a wall tapestry to give old furniture new life. As long as it is a nice looking piece of fabric, you won’t go too wrong! It’s definitely a step in the right direction, since you technically don’t have to buy anything! Furniture with upholstery is generally a pricy investment, so by using what you’ve got and a little imagination you can so far! Continue reading 5 steps to add a little dash of design for all